Ultrasound and Varicose Vein Disease

Ultrasound is not a new imaging modality but recent advances in technology and expertise have helped move vein care into a more precise specialty that offers improved outcomes with less invasive therapies. Ultrasound is simply a way to look into the body and obtain images using sound waves. The sound waves that enter the body are reflected back to the transducer in certain ways that allow an image to be created on the screen. Ultrasound examination of the leg veins is an important step to pinpoint the problems with the veins and allow precise recommendations for treatment. This step has allowed varicose vein care to evolve into something very different than the former surgical treatments. Once we have an accurate picture of what veins are diseased we will recommend treatment based on these results. With the minimally invasive treatments offered now, ultrasound is used during the entire procedure to allow us to “see?into the leg and guide us during the entire procedure. Finally, after your treatment we use ultrasound to check the veins for any problems and follow you for development of any new issues in the future. While ultrasound can be performed by physicians and technologists, our technologists are all RVTs or registered vascular technologists, who have been tested and received specialized training for vascular ultrasound and venous ultrasound techniques. Our technicians have also received extra training in the reflux exam necessary to accurately diagnose vein disease. Rest assured that at VeinSolutions we strive daily to offer the latest and most technologically advanced diagnosis and treatment modalities. Call today for your free screening to learn more!!

Medical Vein Disease/Reflux

Medical vein disease refers to the abnormal flow of blood in the veins of the legs which results in pooling with gravity and the development of pain, swelling, uncomfortable varicose veins, and more severe symptoms if left untreated. Venous reflux refers to the flow of blood toward the feet when upright as a result of gravity and abnormal valves in the venous system. This problem is often gradual and develops over years. Many people attribute the symptoms and discomfort with aging and are not aware there is actually a medical problem. Our complete evaluation of your vein concerns includes addressing medical vein disease. When found, treatment is usually covered by insurance. You do not necessarily see varicose veins under the skin with reflux but it can still cause your legs to swell, ache, and limit your activities. Providing complete vein care starts with the diagnosis and treatment of medical vein disease. This then allows more successful treatment of the cosmetic concerns which include the visible varicose and spider veins. Call us to schedule a free vein evaluation so you can find out how we can make your legs look and feel the way you deserve!!

Spider Veins

Spider veins are small visible veins that can occur throughout the body but appear most commonly on the legs. Also visible are reticular veins that feed blood to the spider veins. While usually painless, these small veins are a concern because of their appearance. Fortunately they can be easily and safely treated. The best treatment for these veins is sclerotherapy. This technique involves injecting the veins with small amounts of medicine that cause the vein walls to scar together and eventually heal and go away. Sclerotherapy is performed in our office and considered very safe. Treatment of spider veins is considered cosmetic and not covered by most insurance plans. Our free screening exam will include explaining your options and the approximate cost involved with spider vein treatment. Most patients are very satisfied with the results of properly performed sclerotherapy. Please call our office today and schedule your free screening with Dr. Demeter and see how we can help your legs look and feel better!! For more information and to see before and after photos of spider vein treatment please click here to visit

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